MARCH 2021

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The journey begins in Buenos Aires for a flight to Ushuaia, which is located at the southern tip of Argentina.  It is here where runners will start their journey to Antarctica aboard the Russian vessels Akademik Ioffe Ship or the Akademik Vavilov Ship.  Over the course of several days we will sail through the Beagle Channel across the Drake Passage, through the Shetland Islands and along the Antarctic Peninsula until reaching King George’s Island – the location of the Marathon. Here we will board zodiacs to transport us to the starting line. ~ Marathon Tours

The marathon route is connected to the scientific research bases of Uruguay, Chile, China and Russia. Great care is taken to leave behind zero impact on the environment in this sensitive ecosystem. Due to this, there is a maximum of 100 passengers ashore for the event at any one time.  On average there are runners from over 25 countries represented each year. ~ Marathon Tours

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Highlight video from the 2017 Antarctica Marathon & Half Marathon Trip. The people, the running event, the wildlife and the entire Antarctica wilderness experiences was amazing. We are proud that our event provides support for the important work of Oceanities, a non-profit science and education foundation that counts penguins in Antarctica to assess the affects of climate change on penguin populations.