Hello everyone! Here’s an update on my progress in Nicaragua:

January 2016 TEFL Teacher Graduates, León, Nicaragua

January 2016 TEFL Teacher Graduates, León, Nicaragua

I arrived safely two weeks ago in Leon. I have settled into a routine teaching all levels/ages of students. It has been extremely rewarding and challenging. The most difficult part is making lesson plans for students but that will get easier with time. It’s also VERY hot here. The temperature reaches near 100 degrees each day without the relief of air conditioning. However, that is simply another element that makes the teaching experience in Nicaragua unique along with pupusas, nacatamales, Tonia, scorpions, and tarantulas.

The twice daily sirens that ring throughout the city indicating the beginning of the day at 7 AM and lunch time at 12PM are a large part of my daily planning routine. They are a reminder that many people here do not rely on modern technology.

I have rented an apartment near the city so I have a location to call my home. I will teach English and volunteer in the local community several days a month. A fundraising campaign for school supplies will be in launched in the next few months. Details coming soon……….

Each day has been full of life enriching experiences. I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for helping the wonderful children and adults in Nicaragua have the ability to gain a valuable language skill.